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Did you know that most booking platforms charge 15-25% in commission fees? While guests may not see service fees from Airbnb.com, Booking.com, VRBO, etc., they are still paying higher rates because of the fees these services charge to hosts. The slices of the pie for middlemen reduce the slices available to hosts and guests.

Zeevou Direct is changing this dynamic. We have already developed a middleman booking platform that charges no service fees to hosts or to guests. We charge only a small annual maintenance fee that adds up to a tiny fraction of the average host’s annual revenue. A smaller slice of pie for us means a bigger slice for you. Our technology stack provides extra services for hosts, and we offer those services as upgrades to our basic free services. What’s really game-changing about Zeevou is that our basic service is better than what you get from Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO or any of hundreds of other listing sites. Providing upgrades for hosts is the icing on the cake, and we charge for the icing. There are no service fees for booking through Zeevou’s basic service, and hosts can communicate directly with guests prior to booking, as well as during and after a stay. We don’t hold communication with customers to our chest like a card shark. This will benefit the best hosts most because your good name will bring your guests back directly to you, not to another service where you pay a high commission for their advertising.

Zeevou is a community that relies on the power of its members to share their experiences with others. In Zeevou Global Community, we produce the best software available on the market today, we support our hosts enthusiastically, and we hope our clients will help us spread the word of our services to other hosts and guests, so we can grow together.

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