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About Us

Did you know that most booking platforms charge 15-25% in fees? While you may not be seeing these as service fees like in the case of Airbnb, other sites like Booking.com still make a large cut, but charge it fully to hosts. The end result is the same - there are more people who want a cut in the pie, so you end up paying more, and the host ends up getting less.

Zeevou Direct is set to change this once and for all. We have developed a fully free booking platform (that means neither hosts nor guests have to pay us a penny to make use of the service). We can support this as part of the overall technology stack that we have developed for Zeevou, other parts of which hosts can opt in to upgrade to and pay us for.

This means that booking through Zeevou is entirely free for all parties, and you can communicate directly with your hosts prior to booking, as well as during and after your stay. Help us spread the word to both hosts and guests! We are relying on the power of the word of mouth to bring about The Direct Booking Revolution!

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