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Despite its small size and population, the civil parish of Royston has a history going back to the mediaeval times. It is located between Cambridge and Luton and is one of the safest small towns in Hertfordshire. 

This peaceful town is used as a gateway for retreats or family occasions and celebrations. The town also houses lots of local craftspeople who can help you with such affairs. Besides, it can be a top destination to stay if you want to commute to Cambridge for work or study, as it is just 13 miles away.

The town hosts the Royston Arts Festival annually. It takes place every September and features various local and national artists of different kinds. The town and its outskirts have also been the setting for various films and novels.

Top Attractions in Royston

Royston Cave

This artificial cave is located in Kathrine’s Yard on Melbourn Street. It was discovered in the 18th century and contains stone carvings dating back to the mediaeval period.

At the cave, there are tour guides available, who can tell you all about the history of the place and whatever there is to learn. They can especially tell you about the theories and speculations surrounding the cave. One theory goes that the cave was used by the Knights Templar, a military order in the 1200s with an allegiance to the Catholic Pope. Another speculation states that it was a storehouse used by Agustinian monks. To know more about such theories, as well as the architecture and materials used in its construction, you should certainly pay a visit.


Therfield Heath

Therfield or Royston Heath is located south-west of Royston, just a few miles from the town centre. It is a site of great interest for lovers of nature and history. Its vast grounds, filled with wild flowers and maintained grass, are perfect for a peaceful stroll, kite-flying, and loads of other activities.

This meadowland is particularly famous for containing prehistoric barrows. Some of these barrows date back to the Bronze Age, and some further to the Neolithic era. 

At the Heath Cafe Bar, you can treat yourself to lovely food in a quiet and friendly atmosphere. The cafe is dog-friendly and offers pretty reasonable prices.


Fowlmere RSPB reserve

Going a bit north-east towards Cambridge and near Fowlmere, you will come across another nature reserve worthy of a visit. Fowlmere Reserve covers about 40 hectares of open field, and great efforts have been made to maintain its reedbeds and grassland.

The site is distinct for the variety of wildlife inhabiting it. It is especially an amazing place for bird watchers interested in barn owls, water rails, and warblers. You also have a chance to walk around the water streams and try various hides to watch the birds. 

It is also suitable for families and children, and with picnic tables provided, you may create a lovely experience for your family. Certain areas are also wheelchair accessible.


Cromer Windmill

Around 11 miles south of Royston, you may drop by to  visit Cromer Windmill. This old mill’s original construction dates far back to the 12th and 13th century, but went through some restoration in the latter half of the 1900s. 

Cromer Windmill is open to visitors at particular hours and by appointment, and is certainly worth a visit if you pass by the place. You may take your children and volunteer guides will teach them a bit of the local history.


Transportation in Royston

If you have your own car, Royston is at the junction of two main roads, A505 and A10, which link the town to Hertford, Luton and Cambridge. 

Royston railway station is on Kneesworth Street for those travelling by train. The station acts as a stop for the trains from London King's Cross to Cambridge and is regularly used by lots of commuters.

Within the town, there are several taxi services. They can help you navigate through the town and its surroundings and take you to wedding venues around Royston. The cabs also know their way to the nearest airports and other destinations. A+ Plus taxi service and Royston Taxis are among the most reliable ones.

The nearest airport to Royston is Cambridge City Airport, although you can also try the airports in other cities around Royston, including Luton and London Heathrow. 


Paymán Club Properties in Royston

Paymán Club is currently offering four cottages in Royston, which go by the names of Lily Pad, Maple, Reed, and Willow. They are near each other, and all are part of the Minstrel Court Complex. Each of the cottages accommodates up to two people, and provides the essential amenities like free Wi-Fi and parking. They are especially great for couples as they can have a good view of the grounds and enjoy the fantastic scenery.