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Top Hotels in Knighton Powys: Best Place to Stay in Knighton

As a small market town, Knighton attracts many travellers that come from different parts of the world to either explore its intact natural wonders or follow a business agenda in the historic town. Booking a hotel in Knighton, Powys, and visiting this town is totally a blast because you will encounter a new culture that takes you to a breathtaking journey where the last dragon of Wales flew gracefully and knights fought for dignity and happiness of their people. But, the way you plan this journey matters the most. 

Every trip starts with looking for a perfect accommodation at the destination. If you take a look at different booking platforms, you can see that the main controversy is about finding a hotel in Knighton through a trustworthy booking website. Having a secure payment process, reliable content and 24/7 customer support are some features of a whole package that Paymán Club offers to you. 

At Paymán Club, we go the extra mile to let you experience what you truly deserve from a vacation rental. After taking care of all the maintenance aspects of the hotel, we want to hand out the key to you, assuring you that everything about your hotel in Knighton has been perfectly taken care of. No worries, we will accompany you for the rest of your stay in your short term rental and help you whenever you need us. So, go ahead and book the best hotel in Knighton now and plan your trip. But before that, let’s see what are the top attractions in Knighton.

What are the Best Things to Do in Knighton?

Visit Clun Castle

There is something about ruined castles that make people feel excited and stunned. Clun Castle in Knighton, Wales is one of the most mesmerizing places in the town to explore. The history of this castle goes back to the 12th century where the Norman lord Robert de Say built this place. Clun Castle was perfectly fine during all these centuries, and the lords used it as a hunting lounge, but following the English civil war, the structure collapsed. 

Today, you can visit this castle while you are staying in a short term let in Knighton and see the traces of history among the ruined walls. When you are climbing up the hill which hosts Clun Castle, you see a delightful combination of grey and green. The image of this castle is truly picturesque, so you have lots of opportunities to take amazing photos there.

Find Your Hotel in Knighton Near Offa’s Dyke Path

Some people believe that magic exists in borderlines which also makes them special. True or not, the location of Offa’s Dyke Path is utterly magical. If you are a history enthusiast, you know full well that this border separates Wales from England, and it was officially opened on 10 July 1971 by Lord Hunt. Even If you are not interested in politics or history, you should still visit Offa’s Dyke while you are staying in your hotel in Knighton and enjoy the astonishing atmosphere. 

When you are strolling along this path, you can see a variation of the green colour that is a treat for your eyes, especially if you are coming from the hustle of big cities. You need to take deep breaths to feel the authentic vibe of nature and let all the scenes you witness save in your memory. 

Get Stunned by Bryan Ground

Visiting Bryan Ground is like stepping inside a fairy tale where you expect to see a little fairy fly around your head and play hide and seek with you. This building is truly astonishing. You can stand in the garden and look at a long, curvy runnel that guides you toward an amazing mansion. The runnel is surrounded by flower petals and reflects the image of flowers and trees around it. Then, when you get closer to the mansion, you see how ivies cover the exterior walls of the house, making it look beautifully old. 

There is a lot to see in this place, and you should not miss any details. If you explore Bryan Ground a little bit, you can find a gorgeous and breathtaking greenhouse full of beautiful and exotic flowers that can melt your heart. 

If you get lucky, you will find some of the residents of this place and hear them purring on one of the sitting areas under the shadow of a tree. Everything about this location is amazing, so do not hesitate to pay it a visit. 

Transportation in Knighton

Staying in Knighton, you should definitely consider using Knighton Train Station to travel to other cities. Travelling by trains gives you the chance to see the pretty atmosphere of this town and its gorgeous natural wonders one more time and enjoy them. 

While booking your hotel in Knighton and staying there, you can always count on local buses that make transportation within the city easy for you. Also, if you are looking for a more private and fast transportation option, you should go with taxis and private cars in Knighton.