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See and Find Perfect Hotels in Kettering UK

Finding a suitable hotel in Kettering when you are travelling to the city for business, education or even holiday is not easy. In this busy world, you need to place your booking as fast as possible to be able to take care of the rest of your works without any pressure. This is where Paymán Club comes to your rescue and frees you from any stress about your accommodation in Kettering. At Paymán Club, we believe in automated operations which minimise the possibility of human error and increases the efficiency of your booking process. 

When you are scrolling between images to see which short term rental in Kettering suits you better, you can be certain that different aspects of an ideal travelstay have been already taken care of. The payment process is 100% secure with the help of our up-to-date technologies to assure you that your bank information is safe. When the day of checking-in comes, you can see how neat and beautiful your room is, just like the pictures, which make Peymasn a reliable option to consider for your next hotel booking in Kettering or other cities. 

Book a Hotel Near Kettering Best Tourist Attractions 

Kettering is one of the most beautiful towns in Northamptonshire, England. Located 70 miles away from the north of London, this industrial and market town attracts travellers from different parts of Europe and other continents for different purposes. Business travellers, students and families can find what they are looking for. But, travelling is not only about what you have come to a place to do. It is about what you see and experience when you are visiting a new place. So, no matter why you are in Kettering, you should check out some of the top sights of the town whenever you desire and make so many good memories there. 

Kettering is a lovely place to explore if you are eager to know more about the British history. The remains of Roman and Saxon eras have been found in Kettering to remind everyone of its rich history and culture. Also, football and rugby are big deals in Kettering. So, if you are travelling to the city and walking in the street, you should not get surprised by people who are cheering their favourite team. 

There are more to see in Kettering, so let’s take a look at some of the best places to see in the town. 

Wicksteed Park

The second oldest park in England, Wicksteed Park is located in Kettering, offering you some exciting time with your friends and family. All you need to have for spending a memorable evening with those you like is already there. The amusement section of Wicksteed Park can inject adrenaline into your veins. But, if you are looking for a place to chill out and relax, you should go to the lakeside of the park and sit next to the water. While you are there, you can enjoy the boat riding and other water-related activities.

If you are visiting Wicksteed Park during summer and you get lucky enough, you can see Wicky Bear, Kerry the Koala, Charlie the Dog and Pong the Panda that are going around the park and performing their shows for the audience. 

Boughton House

Your next stop, while you are staying in your hotel in Kettering, is Boughton House that enchants you with its glamorous design and beautiful atmosphere. This historical mansion belonged to the Duke of Buccleuch and was purchased in 1528. Today, by walking in the vast green space of the mansion and looking at its architectural design, you can see the footsteps of history among every single brick. 

The interior design of Boughton House shows you another level of fanciness. The walls are decorated with the finest paintings, creating a perfect harmony with the classy furniture. Seeing the house even once can make you dream about it for the rest of your life and want to revisit it again. 

Manor House Museum

If you are a big fan of history and industry, Manor House Museum is a combination of both. This place is where you can exhibit the local history of Kettering and enjoy looking at some of the most precious pieces which go back to the Roman and Saxon period. Even the architectural design of the museum represents the culture and history of Kettering. So, while you are booking yourself a short term rental in Kettering, you should definitely consider visiting this place to get to know the culture and history of where you are travelling to in a greater detail. Visiting this museum would be exciting and full of amazing history lessons for the kids as well. 

Transportation in Kettering

There is a lot to be seen in Kettering, so having a well-connected transportation system is a must in this town. Luckily, the city has got you covered with its bus stops and taxi services in different parts of the city. While you are staying in Kettering, you can always find yourself a ride using Uber and get to the different parts of the city fast. 

For travelling to other cities in the UK, you can easily use Kettering Railway station. The nearest airport to Kettering is Birmingham Airport, which provides you with a faster transportation option.