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Milona, Athina, Greece

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Welcome to our charming boho retreat nestled in Ano Kypseli, a safe and tranquil neighborhood.
Kindly note: This rental is exclusively for guests aged 15 and above.
Dating back to the 1950s, our cozy abode exudes a unique blend of nostalgic charm and modern comfort.

Beyond the confines of our cozy interior lies a secluded backyard sanctuary. We boast a fully equipped kitchen and enjoy proximity to the downtown area.

We can accommodate people up to 220lb, and our beds are 2m long.

Our 70 square meters space has two bedrooms, one fully equipped bathroom (includes washing machine - no dryer, but there is a drying rack) and another WC.

We are located in a quiet and safe neighborhood, close to downtown Athens (15-20 minutes drive), and to the bubbling Fokionos Negri area - that's an area with bars and restaurants, active all day long (just a 10-15 minutes walk)!

Attiko Alsos hill is close to the area, if you like urban parks (and maybe a bit of walking / hiking)! Enjoy amazing sunsets, and play soccer, tennis and basketball in the free fields of the neighborhood.

The beach is about 35 minutes driving from our space.
Transportation: bus 035, and trams 2 & 4, at a one minute walking distance from the final station of these lines.
There are free parking spots available in the area. If you come with a motorcycle / scooter, you can park right outside the house.

We are locals, feel free to ask us anything - we can assist you in having an awesome time!

You can use the entire rental located at the first floor (not the second floor). There are no stairs at the entrances, and thus accessibility is easy!

Feel free to call or message us, in case of an emergency, or if you need anything. We are locals and can assist you in anything!

Ano Kypseli, with its roots tracing back to the late 19th century, emerged as a residential district characterized by its lush green spaces and meticulous urban design, creating a serene environment for its residents.

The neighborhood's early development showcased a blend of architectural styles, from neoclassical buildings to modern structures, reflecting the evolving trends and influences shaping the area. One notable example is the neoclassical buildings that still stand as a testament to the historical development of Ano Kypseli, preserving the essence of its past within a modern landscape.

Fokionos Negri street, named after the ancient Athenian statesman Fokion, not only serves as a cultural promenade but also holds historical significance in the heart of Ano Kypseli. The cobblestone street lined with trees and benches has been a focal point for community gatherings, art exhibitions, and music performances, making it a vibrant hub for locals and visitors alike.

In addition to the cultural allure of Fokionos Negri, Tourkovounia, a cluster of hills located nearby, offers not just breathtaking views of Athens but also a serene escape from the bustling city life. Residents and tourists often hike or picnic on these hills, savoring the panoramic vista of the Acropolis and the city below.

The sunset from Tourkovounia is a spectacle (not to be missed!) that captivates all who visit, highlighting the natural beauty that complements the urban landscape of Ano Kypseli.

The Tourkovounia are the tallest and most extensive hill range in central Attica, dividing the Athens basin into eastern and western parts.

The ancient name, Anchesmos, refers to the sharp peaks of the range, while the modern name is said to derive either from a Turkish cemetery during the Ottoman rule or because the troops of Omar Pasha had their camp there in the last years of the Greek War of Independence.

In ancient times, the Greek god Zeus had an epithet derived from Anchesmos: Zeus Anchesmius (Greek: Ancient Greek: Ἀγχέσμιος). There was a statue of him on the hill.

Moreover, the presence of Attiko Alsos Kypselis, a municipal park within Ano Kypseli, adds a touch of greenery and tranquility to the urban setting. This green oasis is home to a variety of flora and fauna, attracting birdwatchers, nature enthusiasts, and families looking to relax amidst nature.

The park's walking paths, playgrounds, and open spaces offer residents a chance to connect with the environment and enjoy outdoor activities in the heart of the neighborhood.

Kypseli is served by plenty of bus lines (036, 036, 2 and 4).
Closest Metro Station: Victoria (line 1).
Parking can be hard, as is everywhere in Athens. But you always find a free parking spot, very close to our space.

Our space has an Android TV. Guests can log in to streaming services with their personal credentials.

Fokionos Negri area, bubbling with bars, restaurants and live music scenes, is just a 10-15 minutes walk from us.

Every Friday morning, there is a local vegetable market close by (5 minutes walk, no noise from that in the rental), and you can buy fresh fruits, herbs and traditional Greek products there (and even clothes)!

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